Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thing Tuesdays: The Thing #1, 1983, by John Byrne

The Thing #1 1983

In 1983, Marvel decided it was time to shut down Marvel Two-In-One with issue #100, and launch Benjamin J Grimm in his own title at last!  John Byrne was already writing the Fantastic Four at that time, and became the writer on The Thing, with Ron Wilson and Joe Sinnott handling the art.  The only artwork Byrne contributed was this dynamic cover, showing the Thing in the middle of ruined city street.  This cover really got me all excited for this new series.  But when I read the story inside, it was far worse than any issue of Marvel Two-In-One!

John Byrne Thing Commission

Regardless, I’ve always enjoyed Byrne’s rendition of the Thing, he’s right up there with Kirby and Wieringo in terms of capturing that classic look.  Here’s another commission by Byrne to show you what I mean.  Nuff said.

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