Monday, December 8, 2008

Monster Mondays: Giant-Size Chillers with Dracula and Lilith


Back in 1974, Marvel hit their loyal legion of zombies straight in the pocket-book with a new series of giant-size comics.  The first one in the horror line was called Giant-Size Chillers.  A real hokey name, right?  It was supposed to be one of those rotating titles that featured alternating characters, like Dracula, Werewolf by Night, and Man-Thing.  This concept fell apart right after the first story appeared, as you can tell by this long explanation in Marvel’s Bullpen Bulletins: “Hope that’s all clear, Flame-Keeper, cause as or right now—you’re on your own!” Giant-Size Chillers was renamed Giant-Size Dracula with issue #2.

Giant Size Chillers #1

But this was a terrific launch to a line of giant-sized horror comics.  Written and drawn by Tomb of Dracula regulars Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan, it introduced fans to Dracula’s long-lost daughter of darkness, Lilith.  I just loved this cover by John Romita, introducing his tarted-up vamp offspring to the legion of Marvel adolescents about to go through puberty.  That costume is a classic Romita design, split down the middle in just the right place.  Cher used to wear Bob Mackie designs that looked like this, true believer!

Look at how many logos they had to cram onto this cover to covey the content.  Giant-Size Chillers!  The Curse of Dracula!  Her name is Lilith!  She is—Dracula’s Daughter!  Sheesh!  And yet we somehow we are just blinded by that tiara.

You would never know from this cover that Lilith and Dracula just can’t stand each other.  Nuff said. 

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