Friday, November 28, 2008

Jeff Loeb Brings Back the Lady Liberators in Hulk


You have to hand it to Jeff Loeb: he crafts a story that is really simpatico with the artists that he is working with.  In the case of Hulk #7-9, he’s got two artists to please, Arthur Adams and Frank Cho.  Adams gets monsters aplenty to draw, with an army of Wendigos, and a little cheesecake in the form of Ms. Marvel.  Frank Cho gets to draw just about every hot superbabe in the Marvel Universe.  If having She-Hulk, Thundra, and Valkyrie in mortal combat with the Red Hulk didn’t score high enough on the cheesecake scale, having Spider-Woman, Sue Richards, Tigra, Storm, Black Widow, and Hellcat appear will make it fly off the charts.


Even better is one of the covers for Hulk #9, showing the return of the Lady Liberators.  “All right, girls, that finishes off this male chauvinist pig!”  This is all a wink and a nod back to the classic Marvel of the 1970s era…


Avengers #83 was Roy Thomas’ nod to the burgeoning Women’s Liberation movement.  He had Valkyrie, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, the Wasp, and Medusa team up to kick butt.  Of course, they were manipulated into attacking their team-mates by the evil Enchantress.  At the end of the story, Wanda says to Clint Barton: “One of these days, the Liberators will stage a comeback!”  Indeed, they have, almost 40 years later.  Nuff said.

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