Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Stjepan Šejic's Secret Invasion: Inhumans Cover

Secret Invasion Inhumans Cover

This beautiful cover by Croatian artist Stjepan Šejic (see his site at DeviantArt) to Secret Invasion: Inhuman really conveys a mixture of emotions: loss, loneliness, and the hotness of a red-haired Medusa.  I'm looking forward to this series, which is going to pick up the Inhumans story after the events of David Hine's Silent War and the last issue of the Illuminati.  Was the Black Bolt who got his ass kicked by the Hulk a Skrull?  That's one thing I'm dying to know.  There was an interesting interview with writer Joe Pokaski (from NBC's Heroes) about this series over at Marvel.  Nuff said.

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