Monday, May 26, 2008

Monster Mondays: Tomb of Dracula in August 2008!

Dracula Poster

Marvel had two surprise announcements in their August 2008 catalog preview.  This nifty Tomb of Dracula poster featuring art by Gene Colan will be released at that time!  As I've mentioned on Photon Torpedoes in my Tomb of Dracula retrospective, this is one of my favorite horror comics of all time.

Even more staggering is the announcement of the Tomb Of Dracula Omnibus Volume 1 Hardcover.  This will be a whopper of a book.  It will reprint Tomb of Dracula #1 thru #31, which covers the introduction of Blade, Hannibal King, the bodiless Dr. Sun, and Quincy Harker's gang of Dracula-busters.  I have all the original comics, but I suspect I will get this edition just to have them all in pristine condition.  I am hoping that the re-mastered color will be competent and not overpower the original artwork.  Tom Palmer's inks on Gene Colan's art was spectacular, and he often did the coloring.  Palmer was a master of applying the proper color to fit the mood of the story that he worked on.

But wait, this Omnibus has even more stuff!  Giant-Size Chillers #1, featuring the origin of Lilith (Ungrateful Daughter of Dracula), will be included.  And since one of the Tomb of Dracula issues was the second part of a confrontation with the infamous lycanthrope Jack Russell, Marvel is also inserting Werewolf by Night #15.  This may be my only chance to see Mike Ploog art in an oversized format!

You may have heard the recent sad news about Gene Colan's health problems due to his liver.  According to this article at the Hero Initiative, proceeds from the Dracula poster above will be routed to Gene.  You may already know that Clifford Meth is running an auction to benefit Gene as well.  Lots of ways to help Gene...please do.  Nuff said.

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