Sunday, May 18, 2008

Giant-Size Hulk #1

Giant-Size Hulk #1 by Gary Frank

The Hulk was one of the major Marvel characters who never received his own Giant-Size book back in the1970s.  Marvel has given old Greenskin his just tribute in this month's Giant-Size Hulk #1.  The cover is by Gary Frank, I like it a lot.  I think he must have done this before his Marvel contract expired?  The lead story is new, written by Roger Stern, who did a lot of terrific Hulk stories in the past.  It's a lot of goofy fun with the dumb Hulk interacting with everyday people.  The Hulk chows down at Burger King!

Splash from Hulk Annual #7 by John Byrne

The second half of the book reprints one of my favorite Hulk stories, from Hulk Annual #7.  Written by Roger Stern, artwork by John Byrne and Bob Layton.  It brings a lot of great X-Men elements into the Hulk's world.  Angel and Iceman are hanging out at the pool with a bunch of babes when Master Mold, the Sentinel Supreme, decides to attack.  The Hulk gets involved and winds up fighting Master Mold.  Really good, classic stuff.  I liked how Layton's inks looked on Byrne's pencils.

King-Size Hulk #1 cover by Frank Cho

We've got even more giant greenskin goodness to look forward to: next week King-Size Hulk #1 arrives in stores.  The title is another tribute to Marvel's past; in the 60s/70s they called their annuals "King Size Spider-Man Annual #1".  This brand new King-Size Hulk will have artwork by Art Adams and Frank Cho, stories by Jeff Loeb.  I'm sold!  Nuff said.

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