Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ghost Rider, Tearin' Up the Backroads of America

Ghost Rider 22 splash by Roland Boschi

I've been a Ghost Rider fan since the character first appeared in Marvel Spotlight #5.  Ever since Mike Ploog and Gary Friedrich left the strip, it's lacked a good solid direction.  Things have gotten better since Daniel Way brought Johnny Blaze back from Hell in this new series, as we've learned that Johnny is really an avenging angel of vengeance.  New writer Jason Aaron has taken this situation to new heights with Johnny Blaze taking to the backroads of America, searching for clues about Zadkiel, the angel responsible for his predicament.  Johnny just happens to find a boy who ran into Zadkiel while in a coma...but the boy is guarded by an army of Tarentino-kinky naughty Cycle Nurses.  This terrific double splash page by Roland Boschi kicks off Ghost Rider #22, where Blaze is fighting a road full of demonic creatures on Cannibal Highway.

Ghost Rider 22 cover by Marko Djurdjevic

Of course, it does not hurt at all to have cover artist Marko Djurdjevic promoting the Ghost Rider.  This cover is not just an awesome image; Blaze really does pick up a scythe to cut a swath through his enemies.  Nuff said.

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